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Podcast Alert!

We love a good podcast! Here is an episode with Tom Raftery from Sustainable Supply Chain Podcast where he interviews Alex Scott Co-Founder of The FSI. 

A key focal point of the podcast discussion was the Fleet Sustainability Index, an innovative tool designed to measure the environmental impact of logistics operators. This index has the potential to revolutionize how logistics managers and companies navigate evolving regulations and their own commitments to achieving net-zero emissions.

Alex underscored the importance of striking a delicate balance between data accuracy and practical utility in emissions modeling. His nuanced perspective serves as a reminder that while no model is flawless, the objective is to develop robust tools capable of driving meaningful action.

For a deeper exploration of the intersection between sustainability and logistics, as well as the transformative innovations shaping the future, be sure to tune in to the full episode.


Sustainable Logistics
Post by Sustainable Logistics
March 19, 2024