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When it comes to understanding how to take care of the nations movement of goods fleet managers across the country have always got the job done. 

Fleet Sustainability

Throughout the years, truck operators across the country have evolved in response to market demands. With many large shippers now prioritizing cleaner carriers, The Fleet Sustainability Index provides a unique opportunity to highlight your assets, facilitating comparisons among operators, whether they own one truck or manage a fleet of 100,000, on an asset level.


Carrier Reporting

In-house brokerage agencies may emerge within large carriers for diverse reasons. If you possess the capability to monitor your CO2 score internally but lack insights into the carriers chosen via your brokerage, The FSI serves as the missing link. 

(Price + Service + FSI)



Market Analysis

Measure similar carriers today or over time to see trends in how their FSI score changes as their assets phase in or out of their operations. 

Are you looking to acquire an operator's assets and want to have insights into what trucks are on the road? Take a peak under the hood and see how they score on The FSI prior to the purchase


Win More Loads

RFP Time? A first-in-class tool that allows you to add emission scores to your RFP submissions (Rate+Service+ Emission Score).

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Join The Movement

The US has over 800,000 Carriers who operate from 1 to 100,000+ Trucks

  • Large carriers have begun to report their CO2 profile. However, 90% of carriers operate 1 or 2 trucks. 
  • FSI Transport Partnership includes companies who are committed to measuring and tracking all carriers throughout their supply chain. 

Showcase your company's commitment to scoring all carriers no matter the size of the operator.