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Your expertise in navigating complex transportation networks, negotiating rates, and managing logistics operations optimizes the overall supply chain efficiency. FSI enhances the value proposition further. 

Logistic Professionals

In today's market, whether you're managing 50 carriers or 50,000, establishing comprehensive scorecards for each is vital to meet your customers' demands.
Until now, assigning a Sustainability CO2 score to all your carriers hasn't been feasible.

Carrier Qualification

Do you have customers who demand only the cleanest carriers, but you have a limited selection to choose from? FSI broadens the scope of potential carriers by providing access to nearly all carriers' sustainability scores, enabling you to secure more business.

Shippers increasingly require detailed data on the carriers transporting their goods (Scope 3). By reporting each carrier's Fleet Sustainability Score, you can now provide comprehensive information to your customers.



Report CO2 numbers for your customer's scope 3 tank-to-wheel transportation emissions

Reduce emissions without significant cost increases by easily viewing hundreds of thousands of carriers CO2 scores at once. 

Measure & report CO2 numbers to Upstream and Downstream transportation and distribution. 

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Win More Loads

RFP Time? A first-in-class tool that allows you to add emission scores to your RFP analysis (Rate + Service + Emission Score).

Analyze fleets within important geographic regions that align with internal initiatives or your customer initiatives.


Warehouse Regulation

The Warehouse Indirect Source Rule (ISR) enacted by the South Coast Air Quality Management District in Southern California requires warehouse operators to track truck trips and pay annual fees for diesel truck visits to their docks to reduce emissions in areas with high warehouse density. The rule now includes mid-sized warehouses of 150,000 square feet and above, expanding from the previous coverage of warehouses of 250,000 square feet and above.



Join The Movement

The US has over 800,000 Carriers who operate from 1 to 100,000+ Trucks

  • Large carriers have begun to report their CO2 profile. However, 90% of carriers operate 1 or 2 trucks. 
  • FSI Transport Partnership includes companies who are committed to measuring and tracking all carriers throughout their supply chain. 

Showcase your company's commitment to scoring all carriers no matter the size of the operator.